All About Divorce

All About Divorce

Family Law and Divorce

Happily ever after is the ideal which we all strive towards when we get married. None of us marry with a view to divorcing in the future. Far from it however life is not a fairytale and people change and grow. Whilst some of us grow together, there are others who grow apart. This is when you need to think seriously about the next steps you wish to take.At the end of a marriage, there will be many issues to attend to. You may be wondering where to go for divorce advice and thinking to yourself, “How do I get divorced?” There will be lots to think of such as family finances and issues concerning your children such as visitation rights and with which parent they will live. When you have a complex situation such as this your best bet is to seek advice from a divorce solicitor.A divorce solicitor will be able to give you impartial advice and will tell you the next steps which you must take in order to find the best resolution to your problems. A divorce solicitor will give you advice on what to do to look after your own best interests and those of your children throughout the process and after you have been divorced. A good divorce solicitor will do their best to stop the need for you having to go through a lengthy and drawn out process if you don’t have to. Also they will do what they can do mediate and / or to use a collaborative approach if this would work between you and your spouse.The point of mediation and the collaborative process is not aiming to actually reconcile both people but to resolve disputes between the couple as smoothly as possible. The mediator will be the neutral party between then both and will not impart advice or say what should be done; rather they will encourage the couple to take advice if necessary. Mediation can be a cost effective and good way of resolving conflicts and upsets.When your marriage has broken down irrevocably and nothing can be done to mediate or mend the relationship you need to ensure that you have exhausted all possible channels which could bring you back together. There is marriage counselling which you both can attend together, details of which are in the local phone book.In order to go ahead with a divorce in the UK, you must first file a Divorce Petition which will be on the basis that your marriage has collapsed irretrievably. The divorce must be issues on one of the following therefore:· Desertion· Adultery· Unreasonable behaviour· Two years separation with spousal consent· Five years separation without spousal consentFiling for a divorce is something which obviously cannot be taken lightly. When you are looking for help, advice and information, a divorce lawyer will be open minded and understanding. They will have seen this all before so don’t worry, put your happiness first and speak to a lawyer for advice.

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