3 Reasons to Think About Getting a Second DUI Attorney in Orange County

3 Reasons to Think About Getting a Second DUI Attorney in Orange County

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Getting a second DUI attorney in Orange County is probably the most important thing you can do after your arrest. If this is really your second offense, you probably are automatically thinking that you are completely capable of handling the case yourself. Many people have found that with their first DUI that they were successful in representing themselves in court and feel that they can do it again. However, with a second DUI, you may find that the courts are not as willing to work with you as before. You may seriously need to think about getting a lawyer to represent you. At Least Get a Lawyer’s Opinion Assuming that you’ve handled your own arraignment, have a copy of your police report and know all the details of the case, it’s time for you to decide if you will have your own representation. Your first inclination might be to save the money you would pay in attorney fees and go it alone, but it is advisable that you at least have a consultation with a professional attorney. Professional attorneys have been trained to look at a case and find flaws in the system, testing methods, or other matters quickly and will be able to tell you if you’re heading in the right direction. When You Plead Guilty Another option you may have is to plead guilty. If you choose this option, a lawyer will not be able to help you regardless of what plan you may have. Deciding on a guilty plea is always a personal decision, but if your BAC test returns are extremely high, you are likely to be convicted no matter what you plead, so unless you have some amazing evidence that goes contrary to the facts, you might want to consider foregoing a lawyer and pleading guilty. Still, a consultation may present an angle of defense that you may not have thought of. To Plea Bargain The closer your BAC gets to the limit the more possible it will be to plea bargain with the court. A lawyer will know how to take advantage of such situations and expose weaknesses in the cases. Getting a drunk driving conviction lowered to a minor offense could actually save your license and way of life. Serious consideration of all of these factors will help you to decide if you need an attorney for a second DUI arrest. With one mark already on your record, it is all the more important that your case is handled well. Someone that knows what to look for and how to handle complex situations may be your best bet.

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