Common Mistakes Made in Car Accident Lawsuits

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Settling a car accident lawsuit can be daunting and involves a lot of things. However, it does not have to be a nightmare as long as you know the right things to do. When dealing with a lawsuit, there is no room for mistakes because even the slightest mistake could mean losing the suit. You deserve the right settlement based on the injuries, damages, and pain and suffering you have incurred from the accident. Unfortunately, people make mistakes when filing car accident lawsuits that either weaken or completely ruin their chances of getting the right settlement. Here are the popular mistakes people make in car accident lawsuits that jeopardize their cases.

  • Not Hiring the Best Attorney

Having a lawyer in our lawsuit is not mandatory. However, it increases your chance of winning the lawsuit and getting the right settlement. Many opt to represent themselves with little knowledge or get a lawyer from the streets to save money. These two choices are a recipe for your downfall, and you must avoid them at all costs. It is best to take some time and effort to find an experienced and qualified lawyer who will represent you diligently and one who has ample knowledge about personal injury cases.

  • Not Notifying the Police

You also risk losing the lawsuit if you do not inform the police about the accident. When you are filing a car accident lawsuit, it is paramount that you involve the police the minute the accident happens. So, after the accident, call the police or go to the station if you are in a position to do so. Never agree with the other driver about settling the matter without involving the police.

  • Not Documenting the Accident

If you can take pictures after the accident, please do so to record the extent of the damage, injuries, and the scene. You should also take the contact details of the other driver, their insurance company, and license plate number. The worst mistake you can make after the accident is failing to take these details that you will need when filing the lawsuit.

  • Agreeing to Take a Recorded Statement

Insurance companies will try, by all means, not to compensate you. Therefore, they will look for your fault or discrepancy in your case wherever they find it. One way of finding mistakes in our case is by asking you to record a statement. Remember, the statement will be used against you if you say something different in court. Therefore, never make a recorded statement when pursuing a car accident lawsuit.

  • Not Seeking Immediate Medical Attention

Not seeking immediate medical care will hurt your case in a big way. One, the insurance may deny that the injuries resulted from the accident. Second, you will not have proof that the injuries happened after the accident. The last thing about not seeking medical attention is that you will not have details of the extent of the injuries. Many people do not realize the importance of seeking medical care, especially if they have incurred minor injuries. Therefore, avoid this mistake and ensure you have all the details on your medical condition.


Car accidents are common, but some can be fatal and traumatic. If you haven’t been able to agree with the insurance company about compensation, you might have to take the matter to court. These are mistakes you should avoid to prevent hurting your chances of winning.

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