What Are the Characteristics of a Good Divorce Lawyer?

Family Law and Divorce

Going through a divorce is not easy. In addition to the mental and emotional stress, there are legal issues involved. And make no mistake about it, the legal issues are many and varied. That’s why it’s a bad idea to approach divorce without the help of a good divorce lawyer.

So what makes for a good divorce lawyer? What are the characteristics and traits you should be looking for? There is no perfect attorney anywhere in the world, explains Chicago-Based ABM Family Law. They should know. Their team of divorce attorneys handle everything from child support to alimony to visitation rights.

They say that a good divorce lawyer knows their stuff. They have plenty of experience. In addition, ABM Family Law says a good divorce lawyer demonstrates the following:

1. Strong Communication Skills

Communication is critical in a divorce proceeding. For starters, divorce lawyers have to be able to communicate effectively with their clients. They have to be easily accessible by phone, email, and other means. They have to be ready to answer questions and explain legal principles. But that is just for starters.

Divorce lawyers also have to communicate with other attorneys. They have to communicate with the court system. A divorce lawyer who does not communicate well will not have much success. On the other hand, one with strong communication skills is already ahead of the game.

2. Attention to Detail

Details are of part of every divorce, whether contested or not. In uncontested divorces, lawyers need to pay attention to settlement details so as to guarantee there will not be any problems when it is time for a court to finalize the divorce. Failing to do things correctly could mean delays.

When divorces are contested, the details become even more important. Contesting couples often find themselves wrangling over everything from child visitation to maintenance payments. Discovery is also part of the process. How a divorce lawyer handles the details discovery influences how their cases turn out.

3. The Ability to Work Under Pressure

Divorce proceedings are often contentious. Dealing with clients can be frustrating. As a result, a divorce lawyer must have the ability to work under pressure. They have to be able to remain calm and focused when working with clients whose moods may not always be positive.

In addition, a divorce lawyer must be able to relate to other attorneys without losing their cool. They have to remain calm and focused during court proceedings. Needless to say, a divorce lawyer who does not work well under pressure will not be able to do right by their clients.

4. Proven Skills

Finally, law is a highly technical industry with a lot of different specialties. Couples filing for divorce really need lawyers with proven skill. A good lawyer not only has experience in divorce, but also a track record of representing clients well. Their skills affect everything from finances to relationships with children and grandparents, so it is helpful to hire an attorney who has already handled similar cases.

To be fair, it takes time for a new divorce lawyer to build a resume of experience and skill. So it is entirely possible to find an attorney more than capable of representing you well even though their experience is somewhat lacking.

Unfortunately, hiring the wrong attorney could end up harming you in a divorce proceeding. If you are thinking of filing for divorce, make sure you take the time to look around for a competent attorney with experience and skill. They really will be your very best advocate moving forward.

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