Court Contest Improves Situation For Canadian Federal Skilled Workers

Court Contest Improves Situation For Canadian Federal Skilled Workers

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Good news for many Canadian federal skilled workers! At last, there’s something for them which is likely to make them feel better and much happier. In the backdrop of such people challenging the recent amendments in the court, the possibility of having their visa petitions being duly assessed by Canada Immigration –although certain overhauls have lately been made public for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)–seems much brighter now. Reportedly, legal proceedings have been started by a set of federal skilled employees, duly represented by some immigration attorneys in the Maple Country (Canada). In the month of June this year, the involved immigration department, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), had come out with its intent to introduce significant amendments to its FSWP.

But, the concerned organization had decided to have an accord with the set of people keen in offering a legal reply to the amendments made public to the FSWP. This brings positive news for certain aspirants whose petitions for the FSWP –under the new arrangement–will not be dismissed now. Besides, a stay of three months or 90-days period has also been obtained on return of the petitions for the FSW & the processing charges. The involved group has stressed that despite the fact that the court would have the final say on the issue–and even while additional advancement is being made on this issue–the situation may well turn out to be rather productive, and in favor of the visa petitioners. Amendments to the FSWP: A Brief Recap • Augmenting points for language to 28 from the existing 24 points. It means laying more stress on the main language by boosting it to 24 from the earlier 16 points. Points for the secondary language have been cut down to 4. Earlier 8 points were up for grabs. • Reducing points for work experience, and making it 15 points. Earlier 21 points were up for grabs.

• No acceptability for those candidates, whose skills do not find a parallel in the Maple Country (Canada), or do not be present at all. • Another modification includes inclusion of the official language ability for partners to get 5 adaptability points even as these points may be received, via earlier study or work done inside Canada by the applicant’s partner or spouse. • Boosting upper limit points for age factor & making it 12 from the present 10 points. Also, higher points for those between 18 and 35 years. Earlier, age group (21-44 years) was earmarked for this object.

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