5 benefits of going for court marriage through a lawyer


Though we always think about big fat Indian weddings where marriages are concerned, it is not the only way to get married. A court wedding can be your alternative option. No wonder it is gaining so much popularity among the youth today because of its cost-effectiveness. Because of its many benefits, couples are opting for hassle-free court weddings over traditional ones.

Cost Effective: If you have a wedding coming up in your family, you will see houses being furnished, wardrobes being renewed, menus being planned for 500 people on the big day and numerous people staying over at your house. Needless to say, these things cost a lot of money. The total expenditure in most cases reaches up to lakhs of rupees. Most families spend beyond their means and find themselves in a financial situation after it’s over. Court weddings let you escape this and completes the ceremony for a small fee. It is your choice to hold a small, private party afterwards.

Less Time Consuming: Indian weddings relies on astrological signs to get you married. But sometimes the stars take too long to align. You may have to wait for months to get married. Preparations for marriage also takes up months. But for court marriage, you just have to register and they will provide you with a date within a few days when you can get married.

Legal process: When you go for a traditional wedding, you just complete the ceremonial procedures that need to be done. But even if you do a ceremonial wedding, the legalities still need to be completed. In a court marriage, you kill two birds with one stone, you get married and also finish off the legal formalities all at one go. You will save plenty of time that would have been wasted in ceremonial marriage. To know more about the legal process check court marriage certificate with MyAdvo, you will get each and every information to proceed.

Less Hassle: In a traditional marriage, you and your family members have to go through every little detail to make it perfect for others. You have to look after decorations, after all the relatives and friends who have come to visit, food preparations, shopping and on top of it manage the finances. The whole process is bound to stress each and everybody. Even you cannot relax after the marriage is done because you have to pay bills and bring everything back to order. Court marriages are less hassle than traditional weddings because you just have to go to the court with witnesses and family and sign on a paper. It is best for couples who choose a peaceful wedding, which gives them time to relax afterwards.

Private Affair: If you are not a fan of luxurious and lavish weddings where a lot of people are invited, court marriage is the one for you. Court marriage is a quiet and private affair. It takes very less time and does not require many people to be invited. It only requires the presence of three witnesses and family members and some close friends.

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