Employees and Their Rights in the Company


Carrying out business and management altogether in this world is a challenging task. Organizations have to focus on every aspect of business and management to achieve the primary objectives of their existence. Management of resources is one of the main tasks organizations have to undergo. To survive in the competitive environment, organizations need to effectively manage their primary resources of machine, material, money, and workforce. Also, employees are said to be the most significant assets of any organization. High productivity can be achieved with highly motivated employees. Thus, the concept of employee motivation and satisfaction has gained popularity in recent days. Most organizations now have separate departments to manage the needs and working of their employees, the human resource department. The human resource department looks after the needs and wants of the employees.

Rights of an employee

Gone are the days when workers used to live according to the one appointing them. Today, employees work under employers on their terms and get recognized individually. Before, employees used to work as directed and told, like subordinates. But now, organizations tend to provide an open and flexible working environment to their employees. Working in such an environment gives employees self-satisfaction and a feeling of belongingness. Employers now seem to interfere less in employees’ working space. The role they play is more of a leader, motivator, and supporter instead. They intrude when the employee needs some guidance. Also, employees have absolute awareness regarding their rights and duties. They know they possess certain fundamental rights while they are working for some organization. So what are these rights?

Here are the primary employee rights in the workplace that all working people should keep in mind:

  1. They are entitled to receive pay equivalent to work done. The employees will receive their salary based on the work they perform or the amount of work they do.
  2. There can be no discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, disability, nationality, or age. The employer must assure the employees that they will be protected against any discrimination on the workplace premises.
  3. They are entitled to receive medical or health coverage under various laws enacted. Every employee has the right to have medical insurance. It might come in different forms like medical allowance, medical assistance, reimbursement, etc.
  4. They are entitled to a specific number of leaves both, personal and family leaves. During the employment period, employees can avail of casual leaves, paid leaves, sick leaves, etc.
  5. They are entitled to receive workplace safety. Employees working in hazardous industries are empowered by law as they can now legally claim for any health issues or damages caused to them in the workplace.
  6. They are entitled to get protection in case of violation of any law or regulation. Employees can now sue the employer if the employer violates any conferring law to which the employee was entitled.

Apart from these, employees have the right to basic amenities at the workplace, the right to reasonable working hours, the right to any incentive as agreed, etc. These employee rights are proportional to an employer’s duty to make the working environment as comfortable and convenient for employees as possible. These rights act as safeguards to employees to prevent any exploitation in the workplace. These are enacted to safeguard the interest of the employee to the maximum possible.


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