How to Hold Interviews for New Employees According to Graham Adair


When it comes to hiring new staff, the interview process is something that you will need to do. After all, you will want to make sure that you hire the best candidate for the role you are advertising. An interview will give you the chance to see how well potential employees can communicate and what interpersonal skills they have. You can also use the interview to see how they deal with stress and whether they have been entirely truthful in their resumes.

However, there is a bit more to holding interviews than just pulling up a table and having a chat. You need to prepare for each candidate before they come in. To that end, below are a few tips for how to get the most from the interview process.

Advertising the Job

Obviously the first thing to do is to advertise for the job. You will need to write a detailed job description that includes all the information pertaining to the role. It does not have to be essay length, but it should give potential candidates the full picture about what their main duties will be and what type of qualifications and experience you are looking for.

Sort Through the Applications

When the applications arrive, you may want to whittle them down so that you are only interviewing the candidates most suited to the job. This selection process will help to minimize the amount of time you are interviewing. If you are struggling to find suitable candidates to interview, you can advertise further afield, according to the experts at Graham Adair, specialists when it comes to immigration law. Overseas candidates may have the specialist skills required for the role but there are a number of things to consider first.

Read the Resumes Before the Interview

You will likely have skimmed through the resumes when conducting the selection process, but before the interview you should really read through them so that you can ask the candidates more about their experience when you meet them face to face. Always have a copy of the resume to hand during the interview so that you can refer to it if needed.

Dedicate Enough Time

Make sure you give yourself enough time to conduct the interviews. Depending on the number of candidates you wish to interview, this could mean setting aside a few days. Make sure that you will not be interrupted by phone calls during the interviews. This will allow you to give the candidates your full attention and find out everything you want to know.

Put the Candidates at Ease

It helps to get a better idea of what candidates are like if you help them to relax. Introduce yourself and explain a little bit about the company and the role they have applied for. Start with some general questions about themselves so that they can tell you more about where they have worked and what type of experience they have.

Ask Specific Questions Related to the Advertised Position

You can then ask questions about any skills and experience the candidate has relating to the position you are offering. This will allow you to find out more about their strengths and weaknesses. You should also use a set of questions that you ask to every candidate so that you are better able to compare answers after all the interviews have been conducted.

Allow the Candidates to Ask Questions

It is always best to give candidates the opportunity to ask questions as there may be something that you have not specified. At the end of the interview, give the candidates a timeline of when they are likely to hear back from you.

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