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A property dispute lawyer from barr& young attorneys is a qualified lawyer engaged in the professional resolution of conflicts related to the claims of individuals and / or legal entities for certain material values ​​(money, things, real estate, etc.). Confidently relying on the norms of the current civil legislation, current judicial practice and personal professional experience, the Attorneys can provide effective assistance in solving property problems.

Do you need a property lawyer in court?

Of course, there are people who think that they do not need a lawyer for property disputes at all, since they themselves are not bad at understanding their issue (as well as in everyone else) using the Internet. But when it comes to civil proceedings, then deep doubts arise about their legal awareness and full confidence in victory. Due to the lack of the necessary professional skills and experience, the risk of losing the trial becomes clearly evident.

Do not forget that the opponent may turn out to be much more perspicacious and will certainly use the help (services) of the same lawyer in property disputes. So that, at first glance, a promising case does not end in a sad ending in court, you need to leave excessive self-confidence and not make the most common mistake, the so-called “amateurishness”. – Everyone must do their job!

Legal proceedings on a property dispute

If the price of a property claim (ie the amount of material claims) is not more than 700dollars, the proceedings on it are within the jurisdiction of the magistrate. If the stated requirements are greater than the specified amount, the claim is considered in a district court or a higher instance, depending on certain circumstances provided for by the Code of Civil Procedure of the American Federation. In any case, you will need to prepare a legally competent and substantiated statement of claim.

If, after accepting a property claim, the judge discovers procedural errors in it, then he will leave it motionless or return it to the applicant without consideration on the merits. Be sure to remember that all documents (evidence) confirming the violation of the property rights of its submitter (plaintiff) must be attached to the claim. Do not forget that in many cases, before filing a material claim, the law requires mandatory compliance with the procedure for pre-trial settlement of the dispute.

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