Reasons Why You Should Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

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Accidents are named the way they are because they are unpredictable, most of the time. However, some accidents such as truck accidents can have more serious health and financial implications for the victims than other types of accidents, so, it is important to guard against them as much as possible.

To get ahead of possible future truck accidents, people often take precautions such as making sure their cars are in the best condition or being more mindful of, and avoiding distractions when crossing the roads.

One of the most effective measures that anyone can implement, however, is to hire a truck accident attorney. Like many other occupational fields, law practitioners can either be specialists or generalists. In the event of a truck accident or prior to it, you may want to hire a specialist that specifically handles trucking litigation. They’ll have more to offer you in form of experience and knowledge.

In addition, the chance of receiving compensation for your injuries and losses will rise significantly. There are other important reasons why you should hire a truck accident attorney. They include:

Insurance Companies and Their Duplicitous Methods

Trucking companies have their own teams of lawyers and insurance companies whose sole job is to protect them from truck accident lawsuits. These companies understand that there is always a chance that one or more of their trucks will be involved in accidents. That’s why they like to get ahead of the situation by having a team on standby, ready to deal with the problem.

Basically, you’d be one person facing a very mean, very determined army. Before facing the opposing party’s team of trained professionals, don’t you think you deserve a chance to bring in an army of your own? That’s what your truck accident attorney would be, a powerful one-man army.

Preservation of Evidence

Trucking companies’ insurance people will do anything to get out of paying for damages or at least reducing the fee by a lot. One of the ways they do this is to be the first ones on the scene of the accident, that way, they’ll be able to hide or tamper with evidence before the authorities arrive. After all, without evidence of foul play, it is going to be difficult to file a successful lawsuit.

Sometimes, they may not directly tamper with the evidence, but try to delay access to it just long enough for the evidence to be worthless.

This is where a truck accident lawyers come in, they’ll be able to anticipate the dirty moves of the insurance companies and plan ahead with effective moves of their own.

Understanding Complex Trucking Regulations

The rules and regulations of the trucking community are leaps and bounds above those of regular car crashes in terms of complexity. Although you might think, “oh hey, now’s a good time to learn”, while that’s certainly the right attitude, the opposing party will not give you the time you need to learn what you need to, and you will need the time.

For instance, there are federal and state laws that can be enforced with trucking companies, depending on their travel path at the time of the accident. Interstate trucking laws are usually enforced by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) while intrastate trucking laws are enforced by the state law.

Already tedious and more complicated than you thought, no? That’s why you should hire a competent attorney who has spent a significant amount of years studying and trying trucking cases.

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