Truck Accident Statistics We Should All Be Aware Of

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We all rely on the trucking industry so it should be no surprise that it is constantly becoming more and more popular. Truck transport covers around 70 percent of all the products we use these days. Obviously, with such large volumes, it is normal to see several truck accidents happening every single month. But, you might not know about these disturbing truck accident facts that are rarely mentioned.

The Rise Of Big Truck Wrecks

For starters, you should know that around 130,000 individuals are injured in a truck accident every single year. This is disturbing because injuries tend to be severe. After all, trucks are very heavy and large.

Very common severe injuries include back injuries, neck injuries, internal bleeding, head trauma, broken bones, whiplash, and spinal cord damage. All of these will require immediate medical attention. In some cases, you might even need multiple surgeries.

One thing you may want to know is that in 2018 alone, 97% of all large truck driving fatalities were male. We know that common reasons why these accidents happen include driver inexperience and fatigue. Since it is not easy to operate such large vehicles, the truck driver always needs to be rested and experienced. If this does not happen, there is a pretty good possibility a collision will happen.

You might also want to know that just 5.8% of US truck drivers are women. Out of the 3.5 million US truckers, just 20,000 are female.

The Transportation Of Hazardous Cargo

Around 4% of all the large trucks that are involved in a fatal collision in the US transport hazardous cargo. For instance, the truck might transport flammable liquids. These would catch fire fast, burn faster, and ignite faster. As a result, truck fatality risks are higher when the trucker transports hazardous cargo. Just think about the fact that there is a high possibility of catching fire or exploding.

Examples of other dangerous cargoes that could explode in car crashes are explosives, radioactive materials, oxidizing substances, flammable solids, and combustible liquids.

Most People Die In The Passenger Vehicle

This is, perhaps, the most important statistic you need to remember. In commercial truck accidents with passenger vehicles and at least one truck, 97% of all the deaths come from the passenger vehicle. This includes SUVs, vans, and cars.

What is even more important is that this is a statistic that does not really change as time passes. Passenger fatality rates were always very high.

18-Wheeler Car Crashes Are On The Rise

When we look at general motor vehicle accident statistics, we can clearly notice that there is a decrease. However, when looking just at 18-wheeler car crashes, there is an increase of 2% that happened in the past 2 years. With tractor-trailers, we also saw an increase of death rate of almost 6%, which is quite substantial.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember about truck accidents is that they are very serious. If you are involved in one, make sure to go to the doctor, get checked out, and then find a truck accident attorney to help you.

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