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DUI is one of the most familiar charges people face in the country. Driving under the influence of alcohol can result in loss of life and property. Therefore, the laws made to prevent drunk driving are strict and adhere completely to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Continue reading this article to find out what exactly happens when one is arrested for drunk driving.

Bailing out: One is arrested with a DUI charge, if his BAC score is 0.8 or above. A BAC score determines the alcohol level of the body at any given point in time. The officers might want you to stop the car and blow on a gadget to get your BAC score. In California, one appearing drunk enough or incapable of navigating due to driving under the influence will be promptly arrested even if his BAC score is below the set level.

  • After getting arrested, one is supposed to be presented to court in two days for a bail hearing. At the hearing, an amount is set for him to be bailed out. Now, most people don’t have enough money to pay the sum in full. They might select a bail bonds service to post the bail on their behalf. In California, most bail services only charge about 10 percent of the total bail amount as a fee. One may choose county-specific bail service such as a reputed and professional bail bonds service in Orange County for a fast bail.
  • While getting bail, he is to sign a contract with certain restrictions laid down that he must follow. The conditions might dictate whether he is allowed to leave his own house or not, how far he is allowed to travel, and if he is permitted to consume alcohol. If he does not follow all these rules, he won’t be granted bail by the authority. These restrictions are in place to guarantee his presence on the day of trial.

SCRAM Scan: It is a Continuous Alcohol Monitoring device with a tamper-resistant ankle bracelet that monitors the alcohol level of the blood. Anyone wearing the bracelet is under constant scrutiny. The anklet determines the blood alcohol level by analyzing the sweat of the body. The device scans the alcohol level every thirty minutes and sends a report to the officials. Thus, the authority gets notified anytime there is a surge of alcohol detected in the wearer’s sweat.

  • One wearing the anklet is not supposed to submerge the device in water. Therefore, he must not take a bath or have a swim while wearing it. But he can take a shower and keep the area around the device clean.
  • It is the defendant who has to bear the cost of the device. SCRAM devices usually cost around $12-$14 a day.
  • If one tries to take the bracelet off or tamper with the gadget in any other way, a signal is sent to the officials immediately. Tampering with the device might get one’s bail revoked, resulting in an immediate arrest. It is harder to get bail the second time around.

SCRAMx devices are a bit different from SCRAM devices; not only the device follows one’s blood alcohol level but locates the person in question. While DUI offenders are most likely to be ordered to wear the bracelets, many domestic violence offenders are ordered the same.

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