Personal Injury

The law is not always about right and wrong but about what the victim can prove. This is a harsh truth and many personal injury claimants have learned this the hard way. Evidence can make or break a case. Gathering substantial evidence in claims can be the difference between winning or losing an injury case.

Proper documentation is part and parcel of any legal proceeding. Personal injury is no different. In fact, with personal injury claims, there is a need to be extra careful, thorough, and meticulous in the collection of evidence before contacting a legal practitioner. These documents determine the facts and credibility of the victim’s claims and will enable the demand to hold up in negotiation or trial if it gets to that.

Take Photos of The Scene.

If you have been injured in a car accident, the first thing to do is to take pictures of the scene. Incapacitated in some way have a friend, relative, or good Samaritan nearby document it for you, immediately. Images are powerful and convey messages better than a written statement will. They freeze moments in time making them critical for any case. Through well-taken images, it can be determined who is at fault and the gravity of the injury can be ascertained. Photos can also expose certain aspects of the accident that weren’t apparent due to the panic of the moment.

Get Police Reports.

Police reports are vital to injury lawsuits. Their objective and unbiased reputation makes their report highly respected and credible. Police reports are vital in building cases and they provide valuable information that will enable the attorney to pursue and defend the claim successfully.

Gather Eyewitness Statements.

Witness statements often verify victim claims and cement their case. The more congruent statements that a victim and their attorney can find, the stronger their case will hold up in negotiation or trial. It is advisable to have this in written form, endorsed by a legal practitioner. This ensures that the witness or witnesses do not later change their story, due to threat or manipulation.

Obtain A Medical Report.

Also important is the medical report of a credible medical professional. X-rays, test results, written diagnosis, and images provide evidence of sustained injuries. It goes to buttress the injury claims of the victim, establishes the severity of the injury, and helps the attorney build the case against the perpetrator.

Keep Copies of Bills and Extra Costs Due to Sustained Injuries.

Copies of medical bills and insurance correspondence following an injury helps to prove one’s cost and losses. Also, documenting expenses that have arisen due to the injury. For instance, if a victim has to pay for activities or services, they would have done themselves because they are hurt, it will be added to their compensation claims.


Substantial evidence is needed to back claims of injury and demands compensation. Understanding how to quickly gather proof from the scene of the accident to witness statements ensures that nothing is tampered with or corrupted. It helps attorneys build the case for their clients and consequently win their cases.

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